The fewest companies are still questioning the need for a more digital business approach, especially if they want to stay competitive and keep market shares.

One of the best-proven ways to ensure the above in 2021 is automating and digitalizing some of the daily manual tasks so employees can focus more on the company’s core competencies, customer service, and company’s primary value proposition.

Every day company’s are producing an immense amount of data. All this data makes it more complex to decide which data contains the value and the actionable insights -> Introducing data science.

Data scientists use the company’s…

In the last two years alone, 90% of the world’s data has been generated, and that’s a lot of data. With such a drastic increase in the data flow, new data tools have emerged. Tools that aim to create value from the data that is collected.

Data Science analyses is the perfect blend of data inference, algorithm development, and technology. Mix them together, and the data scientist can solve complex analytical problems. Data Science analysis is like a chameleon — it adapts to the environment, the question asked, and available data. …

When a company is leading in a more data-driven direction, is it mainly because they want to increase their revenue and/or lower their cost.

But before you start incorporating your data as an asset in the company, is it essential to ask the right data questions. The number one rule is to ask questions where the answer will create value. This may seem obvious, but over 73% of all data science analysis isn’t profitable [1], which is all because the right questions haven’t been asked.

This article will present concrete examples of data questions you can ask your data science…

All business today is collecting data, regardless of industry, product, or services. This blog post will explain the term: Big Data and how companies worldwide can gain valuable insight by analyzing their various collected datasets.

Data is created and collected in all departments in a company. Every time a customer buys a product from your webshop, in your physical store, or through a salesperson, new data is created. New data is also produced every time a person leaves a comment on social media, reading your blog post, or pushing the unfollow button. …

The goal of a data science project — is always to identify as much value as possible.

Even though the algorithms’ ability improves every day, new analysis possibilities occur, and self-driving cars will be the new normal in the future, doesn’t mean that the latest algorithms and robot PA’s are the right things for you. On the bottom line, the value created with data science is predicated on the money models, and algorithms are saving or generating for your company.

That is why we at Borbaki follow a seven-step structured workflow, guaranteeing that we are constantly pursuing to identify as…

Almost every business today is going digital somehow, and it has become normal that collected data and documents are saved in the clouds.
For private persons, owning a smartphone is normal, and most people cannot imagine a day without going online, like photos or facetime with friends. Because of this, the amount of data created and collected each day is exploded.

With this expansion in available data, new tools have emerged, with the purpose to use the collected data to gain insight and knowledge — that will help grow the business.

Data Science covers all these tools, models, and algorithms…

In the last few years, more and more companies are branding themself as being data-driven. But what does it mean to be data-driven, and how do you become data-driven in 2021? That is what this article is all about.

”Being data-driven refers to the incorporation of data or information that is stored and rooted in numbers and fact into an individual or organization’s decision-making process. “

In other terms, data-driven companies are using collected data from example: sales, website visitors, production, etc., in the decision-making.

In the last couple of years, the way to work with data has been divided…

How understanding customer buying behavior increased yearly revenue by 65% for a machine production company.

About two years ago, one Borbakis data scientist finished an extensive analysis for an international machine production company (client). Now, years after the analysis was created and handed over the results, are remarkable.


The case was simple but with a considerable impact.

The client wanted answers to the two following questions:

“How can we increase our sales to customers who have already brought a production machine, and how can we improve our customer lifetime value in a timeline of 5 years (First year of buying…

In the future, the use of AI will have a fundamental impact on how we do business. The “normalization” of AI will change the way business executives and leaders make decisions. AI will change the business model as we know it, and it will give us knowledge and insight about things we never thought possible.

In the biggest companies, AI is already being used to argue, improve, and streamline the way the business works. …

Looking to shake up the marketing industry?
It might be time to consider the rapidly growing role data scientists play. Their software helps businesses decipher millions of consumers' actions, whether by facilitating an online retailer’s automated reordering of goods or an investment firm’s automated new fund launches.

business data science

Predicting the future

Using Data, Science Borbaki can help you predict which customer is most likely to leave a store due to discontent over a poor product.
Who is most likely to churn a broker’s investment service and the likelihood a new business will fail.

Or we could even predict how a huge network of self-driving…

Annemette Møhl

Hello there. I’m one of the co-founders of the tech company: Borbaki. I love business, and I like data. So that is what I’m writing about. Enjoy the read 📖

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